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Using Wood, Luxury Sofas and Vintage Appeal to Create a Homely, Rustic Living Room

The rustic look never seems to lose its appeal. Whilst other trends may come and go, the cosy, rustic style remains perennially popular, regardless of season or era.

There’s a reason for this. A rustic living space is the epitome of laid-back comfort. It’s a look that’s all about soft, welcoming fabrics, warm colours and tactile surfaces. It’s about discovering key pieces of furniture, such as a vintage coffee table or luxury sofa, and creating an inviting, homely ambiance.

Here’s the really welcome news; capturing rustic appeal in your home is a lot easier than you might think. Here’s how!

Look to Nature

Natural materials are the most important aspect of this particular look. Of course, the material that instantly springs to mind is wood. Rather than selecting furniture that is polished or has a high degree of detailing, choose pieces that are simple, robust and earthy.

Wool, cashmere and other natural fabrics also work well in recreating rustic appeal. Fresh cotton curtains, a natural woollen throw and plenty of knitted cushions help to create exactly the look that you’re trying to achieve.

Make Your Luxury Sofa the Centrepiece

 Arguably, the most important item of furniture in the lounge is your seating. It symbolises the end of a hard day, the time to relax and unwind (preferably with glass of wine in hand) and as a result, it needs to take pride of place in your rustic living room.

The key here is to select a luxury sofa that looks inviting, with plump seat cushions and plenty of space for you and your family to cosy up on. Although patterned fabric can work well in a rustic setting, it’s often more effective to keep things simple. Soft, worn leather provides exactly the right effect, as does wool or even fresh, light-coloured linen.

Visit the Flea Markets

The key to mastering the rustic look in the living room is to incorporate a sense of timelessness; an atmosphere of permanency and established home comfort. This can be created by introducing antique and vintage pieces into the room. An old wooden mirror adds character, as does a vintage storage box or a Victorian fireguard. If you love having pictures on the walls, the rustic look lends itself perfectly to plenty of small framed pictures filling every available space.

 Earthy Colours

There’s nothing wrong with using splashes of bright colour in your rustic living room. However, take your colour inspiration mainly from nature, and you’ll create the atmosphere you’re looking for. Warm, rich browns and creams work well, as do deep greens, autumnal crimsons and rich terracottas.

Inspiring Looks for Your Home

If you’re looking for the right luxury sofa to complete your lounge, or simply want inspiration for your next interior design project, visit the Sofa and Chair Company. If you’ve got something special in mind, they can even create bespoke luxury sofas, tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

Update Your Living Room: Key Luxury Sofa Trends for 2015

If you’re looking for a way to update your living room without repainting, recarpeting and investing in a whole new range of furniture, look to your trusty sofa! Your settee is likely to be the key feature in your lounge; and a dated, tired looking sofa can make the space look far shabbier and unappealing than it actually is.

When is it time to invest in a new sofa? Obviously, only you can answer that. However, if it’s ripped, stained beyond rescue, or if it’s an out-of-date design, then replacement may be the answer. If you’re committed to purchasing a stylish new sofa for your home, then here is a brief guide to the key trends in 2015.

Top Luxury Sofa Trends in 2015

1.      Modular sofas. This key trend has seen a real resurgence in recent years, and is still going strong in 2015. Modular sofas offer an appealing option, as they really maximise on the available space; creating a seating configuration that adds new levels of comfort and sociability to the room. Best of all, because they’re not fixed, you can adjust your seating arrangements to suit the occasion.

2.      Studded / button detailing. Deep button detailing keeps growing in popularity. The look creates a sense of gravitas and tradition in the home, and you can opt for a classic version or an updated look, as can be seen on the stylish Winston settee.

3.      Love seats. We’re not sure if it’s their kitsch appeal or romantic design, but the popularity of love seats has gone up significantly in the last year or so. If you want to use the look in your own home, keep things a little bit retro, to add a hint of ‘tongue-in-cheek’ cuteness. Alternatively, you can opt for full opulence; with a love seat like the iconic Demi Lune.

4.      Extreme backs. We’ve noticed growing trends in both high-backed and low-backed sofas. However, be prepared, as these high and low designs are created to be extreme. If you want to incorporate this look into your home, choose a long, low-backed sofa such as the Rubens, or a high-backed sofa, inspired by sharp, simple turn-of-the-century train carriage seating.

5.      Minimalist. The austere, simple, minimalist look has re-emerged as a strong style for 2015. When looking for sofas that offer this look, seek out strong, geometric lines, plain, smooth surfaces, and simple wooden or metal legs. 

Mixing Trend with Your Own Unique Style

Keeping an eye on trend is always important, but it’s equally vital to maintain a sense of your own style. Remember that sofa design has no limits; if you love the minimalist design but want a softer version, there are plenty of settees that offer a combination of simple lines and comforting cushions. Likewise, if you love button detailing but don’t want it to overpower the sofa, simply seek out a version that features only a limited amount of stud detailing.

For more inspiration and a glimpse at some of the latest sofa trends, visit The Sofa and Chair Company today. 

Period Living Perfected: How to Create Elegant, Timeless Appeal in Your Living Room

When it comes to styling your living room, it’s really important to be sympathetic to the original design of the house. Many properties in the UK are period properties; ranging from regency style town houses to Victorian terraces, and it’s a really good idea to embrace the features of the era in which they were built.

Blending the Old with the New

That doesn’t mean that your lounge needs to be filled with authentic, antique pieces of furniture; unless, of course, you want it to be! There are many pieces of modern furniture available that are designed specifically with the intention of complementing older, more traditional houses.

Here’s a few useful hints to help you create a period design scheme that works well with your home’s natural personality.

Designer Sofas, Traditional Shelving and Appropriate Colour-Schemes

Designer Sofas. When it comes to kitting out your lounge, the sofa is the most important piece of furniture to get right. It’s not only the most used item in the room, it’s also the piece that grabs the most attention; so it’s imperative to find a designer sofa that reflects the era of the house as well as possible. The Club Chesterfield, with its stud and deep buttoning detailing, is perfect for Victorian houses, and the Gainsborough, with its hint of baroque, is ideal for the Regency style.

Colour Schemes. When it comes to selecting a colour scheme, think about your geographical surrounding as well as the period of your property. For example, if you have a wonderful farmhouse set in the countryside, you may want to use natural colours into your lounge; such as rustic red, warm green or vibrant yellow. Alternatively, if you’re in the heart of the city, you might want a more industrial, muted palette; such as warm grey, charcoal black and crisp white.

Shelving and Storage. It’s inevitable that you’ll need some form of storage in the lounge to keep DVDs, books and ornaments. Select shelving and storage that not only reflects the era, but also offers practicality, especially if you’re limited on space. The chic Celcius shelving unit is perfect for 1970s style houses.

Fabrics. Use of fabric in the room will help to add natural warmth and texture to the décor. Curtains are especially important and act as a frame for any feature windows (bay, sash or traditional lead-lined country windows) and should be created from a material that reflects the era. Likewise, soft furnishings can be used to add extra visual interest to your designer sofa, and a rug on the floor will provide much-needed cohesion to your overall style.

Finding Period-Inspired Designer Sofas, Shelving and Lighting

It’s so important to get the right pieces of furniture to create the right style for your period home. If you’re looking for inspiration, visit the Sofa and Chair Company website. They have a huge range of designer sofas, shelving, lighting and more; with many pieces featuring designs inspired directly by period properties. 

Minimalist Chic: Using Luxury Sofas and Other Furniture to Create a Modern, Uncluttered Living Space

Minimalism in the living room is the ultimate way to create instant impact. Forget comforting, squidgy settees, abandon the clutter and multitudes of scatter cushions; the minimalist look is defined, sleek and all about modernity.

The minimalist style works well in any space, though is particularly well suited to large living rooms, or modern apartments. However, irrespective of the room that you have available, it’s possible to inject a bit of modernist impact into your home, by investing in the right items of furniture.

Key Furniture Piece No. 1: The Luxury Sofa

When it comes to creating a convincing modernist lounge, the sofa naturally takes centre stage. As a result, it’s vital to get this piece of furniture right, in order to master the look.

When purchasing a luxury sofa with modernism in mind, here are a few things to take into consideration:

Era inspiration. Two recent eras inspired minimalism. The Bauhaus art movement of the 1920s and 1930s inspired very linear, authoritarian styles of furnishing; and sofas featured tufted, low backs and square arm-rests, much like this luxury sofa here. However, in the 1960s, minimalism was more about bold, vibrant fabrics and simple, linear forms. Think about the exact era that you want to encapsulate in your home.

Space available. In the minimalist living room, it’s all about big statement furniture (and not much else). Work out how much space you can realistically allocate your sofa and try to imagine it in position. If it’s too big for the room, you’ll end up creating an overcrowded ambiance, which is not the look you’re going for.

Material. Fabrics such as tweed work very well with the minimalist look, as does leather. If you want a retro 1960s inspired feel, think also about colour. Orange and lime green are quintessentially 60s colours.

Key Furniture Piece No. 2: The Coffee Table

The coffee table, and indeed any side tables that you might invest in, will also help capture the essence of minimalism. Again, simplicity and form are the key. You don’t want any tables with fussy or elaborate details, which will detract from the overall effect.

If you’re limited for space, keep your coffee table small (a round glass coffee table is ideal), or don’t have one at all. Remember that minimalism is all about creating a sense of airiness and space. If, however, you’ve got a large living room, this high impact coffee table is ideal.

Key Furniture Piece No. 3: The Lighting

This look is all about linear forms and smooth planes. Lighting can help highlight the flawless edges and uninterrupted surfaces, whilst also being a statement in its own right. A dramatic, geometric chandelier provides powerful impact for spaces with high ceilings, or alternatively, use a 1920s inspired corner lamp to provide the ‘wow’ factor.

Bespoke Sofas: How to Design a Bespoke Sofa that Works With Your Living Room

Your living room is one of the most important areas of your home. It’s the room that you and your family spend the most time in throughout the day, and it’s also likely to be the room that you invite guests into, when they come to visit.

A living room should be a comfortable, welcoming space; but it’s also important to make it a representation of your style. Your living room provides you with the ideal opportunity to show your creative flair, and as a result, it’s important to ensure that this room has a real sense of ‘personality’. Or, more clearly put; your personality.

Bespoke Sofas: Providing the Right Sense of Personality into Your Living Room

Your lounge seating should be the focus of your room. After all, the purpose of the living area is to relax and unwind; to put your feet up after a long day in the office, or to curl up with a good book. Of all the furnishings in your lounge, your sofa is the most important. It needs to be comfortable. It needs to be a welcome sight after a stressful day. But it also needs to set the tone for the room, and operate as a statement piece of furniture in its own right.

Top Things to Think About When Buying a Bespoke Sofa

A bespoke sofa is the ideal way to ensure that you create exactly the right look for your living room. Made to measure, you can tailor the dimensions, the colour, even the fabric to suit your requirements; creating a piece of furniture that is truly one-of-a-kind.

However, before approaching a bespoke sofa designer, there are some things that you need to consider.

What will you be using your sofa for? This may sound like a strange thing to consider, but actually, a sofa can have a wide variety of purposes, and this will affect what sort of style you need to look for when you invest in a bespoke piece. If comfort is your priority, you’ll want something with plenty of padding and larger dimensions. If, however, you love to socialise, you may prefer a more upright design, encouraging people into a more alert, responsive position.

Where will your sofa be positioned? It’s vital that you know the exact dimensions that you require, especially if you’re attempting to fit your sofa into a window space, or in an alcove. If in doubt, use some tape and plot out the space on the carpet, to help you get an idea of how much room you want to devote to your new item of furniture.

What sort of impact do you want to create? It may be that you want a bespoke sofa that blends seamlessly with your surroundings, offering a comfortable ‘blank canvas’ upon which you can showcase your vibrant cushions or dramatic throws. Alternatively, you may want a real statement sofa; with a strong focus on design. A good general style rule to keep in mind is this: if you’re selecting a statement sofa, keep other features in the room simple, and vice versa. Too many statement pieces can create an over-powering effect. Likewise, too many muted furnishings won’t give you the ‘wow’ factor that you need.

What sort of style are you after? It’s a good idea to think about themes before approaching your bespoke sofa designer. If you’re stuck for inspiration, flick through a few interior design magazines and work out what styles would work well in your space.

Think about texture as well as appearance. Colour and design are important factors when choosing a design for your sofa. However, it’s equally important to think about texture. Warm brown leathers create a traditional, laid-back effect in a living room, where as velvets instantly give sofas a sense of decadence and seduction. When choosing your fabric, remember also to think about practicality. Leathers are excellent for those with children, as they are generally fairly easy to keep clean. Soft fabrics feel wonderful if you want to create a sense of relaxation, but not so great if you’re prone to spilling red wine on a regular basis!

Finding Inspiration for Your Bespoke Sofa

If you’re considering investing in a bespoke sofa, remember that this is a rare opportunity to create something that is tailored 100% to your tastes and lifestyle. As a result, it’s important to get in touch with the right company for the job; who will listen to your creative ideas and craft a custom-designed soda that completely meets your requirements.

If you’re looking for inspiration, visit The Sofa and Chair Company. They have a huge range of design options available and will work with you to create the idea bespoke sofa for your living room. 

Designer Headboards: Headboards to Suit Every Style…and How to Choose Them Wisely

In the bedroom, it is the bed that reigns supreme. Other items of furniture contribute to the overall style of the room, but it is the bed that immediately draws the eye and sets the tone in terms of ambiance and theme.

Designer Headboards: Creating Detail and Complementing Your Bedding

Of course, it’s not imperative to have a headboard. Indeed, in certain cases, particularly if you’re aiming for a highly simplistic, modernist feel, it may be preferable to have as little in the way of additional furnishings as possible, in order to exemplify the look.

However, in the vast majority of cases, a headboard is a key part of creating the right look for your bed. It not only provides a natural frame for your pillows, soft furnishings and bedding, highlighting certain textures and colours; but also stands alone as a feature in its own right.

Creating Styles with Designer Headboards: A Brief Guide

Of course, there are many different themes that you can use in your bedroom, and many headboards available to complement your chosen look. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, then here are a few styles, complete with examples of the perfect headboard to complement your décor.

designer headboards

·        Hollywood Opulence. Few styles offer as much glamour as the ‘Hollywood’ look. The theme incorporates rich silk bedding, monochromatic, gold and silver tones, and plenty of glass and gilt-edged furniture. The sumptuous Meridian headboard, with its 1930s inspired geometric lines and plush material, is exactly the sort of designer headboard required to complete the look.


·        English Country House. If you’ve got the right house to accommodate this style, then the English Country bedroom theme is perfect for recreating quintessentially British elegance. Cover your bed with tweeds and rich woollen fabrics, select a palette that incorporates classic warm greys and browns, combined with bold splashes of deep red, navy blue, or even tartan. The tufted, high-backed Elgar headboard makes a refreshing change from the much over-used wooden headboard, and provides just the right level of regal refinement.

·        Textural Modernist. Modern doesn’t always have to mean stark and featureless. Paint the walls white, then utilise bold blocks of colour to create drama. Take your inspiration from the works of Mondrian, who was famed for his simple, striking paintings, and add the Mondrian headboard into the mix, which blends geometric lines with a surprising element of texture and opulence.

4 (2).jpg

·        Bachelor Pad. The Bachelor Pad theme is all about polished woods, smooth surfaces and a strong, masculine finish. Emphasise the suave, confident quality of the style with Bauhaus inspired furniture, muted colours and a strong, framed designer headboard, like the Bach, which features fabric framed with hardwood.

Providing the Right Finishing Touch for Your Bedroom

See the headboard as a vital element of completing the ambiance of your bedroom. Indeed, it is likely to be one of the first things that any visitor will notice when they enter the space, and as a result, it needs to not only marry well with your existing theme, but create impact in its own right.

If you’re looking for the right headboard to provide the perfect finish for your bedroom, then visit the Sofa and Chair Company today. From minimalist statement pieces to subtle, complementary designs; there is plenty to choose from, and plenty of ideas from which to gain inspiration.  

Parisian Chic: French-Inspired Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room

There is something instantly recognisable, not to mention appealing, about the Parisian style.

If you’ve ever strolled through the cobbled streets of Montmartre in the evening, or walked along the elegant banks of the River Seine, you’ll know that Parisian design encompasses an enticing blend of refinement, opulence, and more than a little bit of sensuality.

As a result, the Parisian theme works perfectly in the living room, creating a bold, statement look that offers grandeur and comfort in equal measures.

Interior Design Ideas: Living Rooms, à La Française.

Bringing a taste of Paris to your living room is surprisingly easy, and is very much a matter of locating some key pieces of statement furniture and blending them with textural fabrics and rich colour. When creating the Parisian style, remember to keep it tasteful. A splash of burgundy, or bold, monochromatic wallpaper, adds the right note of drama; but too much black (or worse, hot pink), can create a look that is trashy, rather than upmarket.

Remember also to allow your statement furniture to do much of the talking. In terms of interior design ideas for living rooms, the French style provides great scope for expression and artistry; however, too many accessories, and you’ll create a space that feels chaotic and cluttered, rather than refined.

Here are a few top tips to help you create a quintessentially French atmosphere in your home.

Top Tips to Help You Create a French Ambiance in Your Living Room


Bring an element of the boudoir to the living room. The key to creating a sensuous Parisian ambiance is to keep it subtle and consider textures. Invest in a statement sofa, such as the elegant silver-toned Bernini, which offers a romantic hint of the boudoir, without straying into the realm of ‘over-powering’! Of course, chaise longues, particularly when placed beside a window, create an especially dramatic, French feel; and heavy, velveteen or silk curtains also enhance this subtly sultry look. 

Think about lighting. Now is the time to get inspired by those Montmartre street-lights and candle-lit restaurants! Create a lighting scheme that is soft yet warm; with large candles, art-nouveau style table-lamps and opulent chandeliers. Tansley chandelier encapsulates the decadence of 18th century France, whilst maintaining a distinctly 21st century feel.

Wallpaper with je ne sais quoi. To create instant impact, use some Parisian inspired wallpaper. Look for strong, repeating designs (Parisian themed papers will often feature floral designs, with garland and leaf motifs), and rather than covering the entire room, which can look overwhelming, use the wallpaper to create a statement wall.

 Interior design ideas for the living room…on a smaller scale. When it comes to the Parisian style, the devil is most definitely in the detail. Invest in some ornate silk cushions to complement your sofa, a Louis XV-style vase for the coffee table, or a gilt-framed mirror, to complete the look.

 Metals and marble for your coffee table. When selecting a coffee table, keep it true to the French theme. Invest in a piece crafted from either a metal, such as wrought iron or chrome, or a classic stone, such as marble. When it comes to the legs, the more intricate and elegant the better. The Emblem Square is a great example of how to use turn-of-the-century chic to great advantage.

 Getting Creative with Your Interior Design Ideas: Living Room meets Parisian Style-Icon

One of the best aspects of the Parisian style is that it allows you to get really creative. It’s a bold, instantly recognisable style, and can add a strong sense of class and laid-back refinement to your home. There is also considerable scope for versatility; and thanks largely to the diversity of the city, there is plenty of inspiration for you to draw from; from the rich, vibrant ambiance of the Moulin Rouge, to the grandiose drama of the Louvre.

If you’re seeking some inspiration, or looking for some more French-inspired statement furniture pieces, then visit The Sofa and Chair Company website today. 

Furnishing the high seas

The Sofa & Chair Company's products have taken centre stage in all manner of prestigious locations, but this latest addition to our extensive portfolio can’t fail to impress.

Super motor yacht Turquoise

Super motor yacht Turquoise

Turquoise is a majestic custom-built 181 ft/55.4m motor yacht that recently underwent major refurbishment. Built by Protesksan Turquoise in 2011, her splendid contemporary interiors were designed for sheer decadence by the award winning team at H2 Yacht.

Turquoise's efficient engines reach a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 17 knots 

Turquoise's efficient engines reach a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 17 knots 

Sleeping up to 12 guests in 6 state rooms, including a master suite, VIP stateroom, 3 double cabins and 1 twin cabin; Turquoise hosts a full crew of 12 who are dedicated to ensuring a truly luxurious cruising experience.

Such is the level of detail applied in accommodating the whims and fancies of guests that Turquoise has been shortlisted for Charter World’s International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015.

Fine dining with S&C chairs aboard the luxurious Turquoise  

Fine dining with S&C chairs aboard the luxurious Turquoise  

Elegance and style merge within the ship’s opulent interiors to ensure a pleasurably tactile experience and enveloping levels of luxury throughout. The Sofa & Chair Company were proud to provide some of the upholstery work aboard the fine vessel; including these gorgeous bespoke dining chairs adorned in Cassamance sateen.  

Bespoke dining chair in Cassamance sateen.

Bespoke dining chair in Cassamance sateen.

Seen here are some more of our luxury upholstered pieces, including an elegant bespoke bar stool and bespoke armchair with stud detail and pulled buttoning.

Decked out in Sofa & Chair splendour

Decked out in Sofa & Chair splendour

This magnificent super yacht truly epitomises the high life, and our trade sales consultant Jemma Leppich was delighted to work with H2 Design as part of the beautification process.  

Yohoho and a bottle of Bollinger

Yohoho and a bottle of Bollinger

The Turquoise is available to charter, you can get in touch with the owners via their website:

Refit by H2 Design and MY Turquoise

Just ask Martin

As part of our summer giveaway we asked you to submit your burning interior design questions to our in-house interiors expert Martin.

We've been overwhelmed with your fantastic questions and are delighted to present the first in a series of video segments where Martin provides some insight into the tricks of the fabulous interiors trade:

Many congratulations to our ROCO competition winner Sonia Leroux!

Stay tuned for more installments of 'Just Ask Martin'' and more chances to win some beautiful Sofa & Chair products. 


Charlie's New Home

Many thanks to all of you who followed lost soul Charlie Chairlin on his adventures across London to our showroom.

Charlie at The S&C HQ after his makeover

Charlie at The S&C HQ after his makeover

Charlie was a dilapidated vintage library chair in a state of disrepair. Luckily he found salvation at The Sofa & Chair Company HQ, where he was given a new lease of life and a brand new look.

After being overwhelmed with applicants offering to re-home Charlie from all corners of the country, we selected our lucky winner at random; a Mrs Julie Baker of Northampton.

Julie was thrilled with her prize and gave him prime position in her music room.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Charlie makes a wonderful focal point! I’m really delighted with him; in fact he may even be a bit too nice to let anyone sit on him!  

 – Julie Baker 

Their exuberant jack russell Ted was enamoured with Charlie too.

Their exuberant jack russell Ted was enamoured with Charlie too.

Julie and husband Martin will be presenting Charlie as a gift to her son James who is currently taking his exams. They expect he will be treasured for many years to come.  

Stay tuned for more exciting competitions and prizes coming this way very shortly! 

Settling in to the music room

Settling in to the music room

Lucky Winner Julie Baker

Lucky Winner Julie Baker

Simple Ways to Enhance Your Space

For a simple and effective way to enhance your space, try adding some decorative cushions & throws into the mix.

In our latest video, our in-house interior design expert Martin demonstrates how to make the most of your living room or bedroom furniture with a bit of simple accessorising:

Featured below is a selection of our gorgeous new scatter cushions, decorative bolsters and opulent throws. All of these are sumptuously padded with real feather and down and upholstered in a variety of designer fabrics. 

Featured: The Henley, clothed in luxury

Featured: The Henley, clothed in luxury

You can view our full collection of cushions and throws on our website; where you also have the option of custom-designing your very own cushions from our extensive fabric library. 

Simple elegance

Simple elegance

A more inviting furniture experience is but a scatter cushion or luxury throw away!

MPs Visit The Sofa & Chair Showroom

Last week we were thrilled to receive a visit from not one but two MPs to our very own West London showroom!

Our Production Director Gavin commences the tour of our new production facilities 

Our Production Director Gavin commences the tour of our new production facilities 

Matt Hancock (Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise) and Angie Bray (MP for Acton & Ealing) participated in a walking tour of our workshop and showroom, learning about our dedication to quality craftsmanship and experiencing our advanced manufacturing methods first hand. 

One of our skilled craftsman demonstrates the S&C upholstery process

One of our skilled craftsman demonstrates the S&C upholstery process

As Skills Minister, Matthew works across the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department for Education. In October 2013 Matthew was asked to become the Minister for Skills and Enterprise, continuing his joint role driving up standards in skills and taking on responsibility for Enterprise.

Since her election in 2010 as MP for Ealing Central and Acton, Angie has served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Rt Hon Francis Maude MP and currently sits on the Commons' Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee.

Our MD Matt showing off the signature S&C padding to MPs Angie Bray & Matt Hancock

Our MD Matt showing off the signature S&C padding to MPs Angie Bray & Matt Hancock

After the tour they were treated to a delicious S&C brunch experience with our directors, during which they discussed many of the pressing issues facing work skill development and enabling innovation within our industry. 

Serious discussions require serious brunch

Serious discussions require serious brunch

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening visit. Our directors were filled with pride to have been given the opportunity to show off our staff, facilities, and everything that goes into making The Sofa & Chair Company a leader in its field. 

Once again we would to thank Matt & Angie for taking the time out to come and see us, we hope to see you both again soon! 

Summer Accessories

For a sure fire way to uplift your interiors this summer without having to break the bank, look no further than luxury home accessories. Ranging from the daring and dramatic to the subtle and elegant; quality home accessories are ideal for bringing the best out of your spaces and making a home of your house.

Featured: The Ezra Box - This petit ornamental box is a fashioned from pure shagreen and polished black lip shell for a beautifully contrasting design visual.

Featured: The Ezra Box - This petit ornamental box is a fashioned from pure shagreen and polished black lip shell for a beautifully contrasting design visual.

This summer S&C offer more luxury for less, having added a fabulous selection of great value home accessories to our extensive product offering; including ornaments, jewellery boxes, vases and more. Sourced from the finest suppliers in Europe, many of these pieces are one of a kind and pair perfectly with the beautiful handcrafted furniture in our collection.

Coordinated for our photo shoot by our interior design expert, this Summer's must have accessory look combines rustic, earthy elements with cool botanicals and splashes of vibrant floral colours to beckon forth the season of sunshine. 

A select few:


Star Fruit Tealight

Fashioned in homage to the ridged star fruit, this decorative vase has a beautifully curved design that is both elegantly proportioned and visually commanding.

Smoked Mirror Tray

Featuring contrasting black metal framework and a bronze smoked oval mirror, this handcrafted tray sits beautifully upon a glamorous contemporary coffee table.

Gotham Boxes

Fashioned from black nickel with a leatherette and suede interlining, these boxes honour the fine craftsmanship and decisive lines of the industrial era.

Olive Branch Candle

The decorative Olive Branch candle emits a comforting fragrance reminiscent of a warm Tuscan afternoon.

Isis Vase Collection

These beautifully textured ceramic vases are fashioned from clay sourced by the artist himself from beaches in the West Country. 

To find out what else is on offer and get this season’s must have luxury look, just visit our new fully responsive website where you can browse and order direct from our Summer accessories collection. Alternatively, why not arrange your visit to our glamorous West London showroom where you can experience these pieces first hand. 

To S&C and Beyond

So the gloriously long Easter and May Day bank holiday breaks are over and summer is just around the corner. While many of us may have spent the time off guzzling chocolate and barbequed food, perhaps you took the opportunity to treat your interiors to a spring makeover; if so we would love to see any transformations that took place!

Speaking of transformations, our interior consultants have been busying themselves with the transformation of our West London showroom, creating iconic room sets to display our new collection pieces and present our visitors with an array of fresh interior inspiration.

(You see, contrary to our namesake, we're not only about sofas & chairs.)

Sure we’ve made quite a name for ourselves in the living room furniture business; you could even say that sofas and chairs are in our name...  oh dear. But if you'll bear with us, we’re keen to introduce you to a lesser known facet of our product offering:

Bedroom furniture – who knew?

This season's S&C luxury bedroom set

This season's S&C luxury bedroom set

Sumptuous beds, upholstered headboards, bedside tables and elegant lamps – everything you need to make your bedroom the bona fide room of your dreams is in stock and ready to welcome you into its stylishly indulgent embrace. 

As summer approaches we are looking at uplifting our bedrooms with brighter colours, lighter materials and silky textures to create a fresh and uplifting retreat.
— -Martin Slabbert

This season’s must have bedroom furniture look combines lighter materials and silky textures with bold contemporary accessories for a fresh and uplifting design visual.

To complete the look you will need just the right combination of indulgent soft furnishings, accompanying accessories and scatter cushions to soften lines and create a truly welcoming boudoir.

Featured: The Walton Smoked Glass  table lamp and Barbican cushions

Featured: The Walton Smoked Glass  table lamp and Barbican cushions

Featured: Valencia Stools & accompanying accessories 

Featured: Valencia Stools & accompanying accessories 

Our bedroom of the season features sumptuous alpaca throws, plump scatter cushions and the stunning upholstered Cezanne headboard. 

Find all these and more on our website, where you can also view a special new video featuring our interior design expert's own insights into our bedroom furniture range!

Room Anatomy - A delicately Danish living room.

Today we turn to those stylish Scandinavians for an example on how to decorate a living room in an effortlessly cool style. Famed for their simple, functional, comfortable and pared-back approach to decor, it's no surprise that this Danish living room ticks all of those boxes. The scheme is foiled by a paper white base palette that gives a light and airy feel to the space. Such a soothing shade is key to the success of the room's decor because it sets the overall tone for the scheme; the other elements of the space follow its lead.


First, a lone piece of artwork brings visual depth to the room by breaking the all-over white walls. It manages to do this without disrupting the gentle vibe of the scheme thanks to an understated frame that allows the soft tones of the art to sing against the cool white surround. The gentle pink shades are then referenced in the soft accessories, with a dusty pink pillow and baby pink knitted throw which invite tactile textures into the room. This layering of tactile textures is continued with the sofa covering, namely a washed linen in a chic grey hue.

Simple, understated style is never more evident than with such a sofa: simple lines and colour combine with winning results. An abundance of texture and soft furnishings is very important in an all-white space such as this because they are the elements that prevent the room from feeling clinical. It's for this reason that an oversized woollen rug has been used to bathe the flooring in soft texture. 

Photography by by nord

Feng Shui Tips for Home

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui has been practiced for over 3,500 years. Often used as a guideline for sound interior design practices, correct feng shui techniques enable you to achieve harmony between yourself and your environment.

While the arrival of Easter may denote the consumption of copious amounts of chocolate, it also stands for new beginnings, reorganisation and maybe even revisiting those neglected New Year’s resolutions. Easter also hails the very best time to spruce up your home with a feng shui spring clean; reinvigorating your interiors and infusing them with fresh, positive energy.

Spruced up for spring: The glamorous S&C Showroom 

Spruced up for spring: The glamorous S&C Showroom 

Spring is strongly associated with the East, dedicated to the ancestors, the stronger our roots, the stronger our ability to step forward into the future.

- Carla Miles-Robinson, consultant member of the UK Feng Shui Society

With that in mind, here are our top feng shui tips for home style this Easter:  

1 De-clutter

To welcome the right energy into your home you need a clear runway; there is nothing worse than arriving home to clutter and obstructions. Remove all obstacles impeding clear access to a harmonious home life, including the mess. This will allow the free flow of energy and make for a much more pleasant welcome when you arrive home. If you find the whole thing a bit daunting and aren't sure where to start, then try just emptying one drawer; you’ll be amazed where it can lead.

Running short on effective storage solutions? Take a look at our top picks  in store. 

2 Welcome Greenery

Bring the natural harmony of the outside in with the introduction of vibrant flowers and plants. Always a welcome site and a great source of positive vibes, green plants like palms and rubber plants are a particularly effective way to refresh the energy in your home. Focus on your kitchen and front entrance for optimum health and balance.

3 Wash your windows

Windows are highly symbolic of your outlook on life, therefore they deserve a fair bit of attention. They are essentially a portal between the privacy of your home and the bustle of the outside world; keeping them sparkling will enable you to achieve a sense of balance and harmony between the two. Window washing is also a good form of exercise and can lead to a clearer mindset and inspiration when it is lacking. 

Honour the great outdoors with leafy textures, florals and greenery.

Honour the great outdoors with leafy textures, florals and greenery.

4 Clear out closet of old clothes

Out with the old in with the new, or so they say. In keeping up with the fresh aesthetic it’s important that you don’t let your wardrobe fester with old, unused clothes as much as it is the rest of your interiors. Giving away the clothes you honestly just don’t wear any more to charity is a great way to infuse some feel good factor into your spring clean.

5 Connect with nature

While modern living might stipulate a whole lot of time spent indoors, there is no reason to be so detached from your natural origins that you barely have any contact with them. Taking the time out from your schedule to go on walks and reconnect with the great outdoors is a great way to feel more Zen and a sure-fire way to stay healthy. If you just can’t seem to find the time for this, perhaps consider getting a canine companion.

6 Make it fabulous

Your home should ultimately be a reflection of your unique personality and sense of self. Take the time to make it fabulous and definitively you by filing it with all the treasures needed to create an  enjoyable and welcoming home experience. Once you have given it a thorough feng shui makeover, why not consider investing in some quality new furniture for the ultimate wow factor? We have a range of handcrafted furniture and elegant homeware in stock now with up to 60% off in our spring sale. Take a peek at what’s on offer today in our Spring Sale

Featured: The Deena bench & Emblem side tables

Featured: The Deena bench & Emblem side tables

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Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and with it the chance to honour mothers everywhere with gifts, cards and kind words to let her know just how important she is.

Why not kick-start the day with the ultimate Mother’s Day treat; breakfast in bed. A well-deserved breakfast from the comfort of a splendid bed can be the ideal way to show mum that she means the world to you.

Featured here is some of our luxury bedroom furniture  and a selection from our fabulous homeware products; the perfect way to spoil mum in style. 

Breakfast in the lap of sheer luxury...

Breakfast in the lap of sheer luxury...

Featured Products:

Envelope yourself in the sumptuous folds of real, ethically harvested alpaca wool. Beautifully soft and always indulgent, the Alpaca throw lends an instant touch of luxury and warmth to both living room and bedroom furniture. 

A glamorous new addition to our beds & headboards range as part of our Spring/Summer 2014 collection, the Meridian is an Art Deco style piece that makes a striking addition to the sophisticated bedroom. Bold geometric lines provide a commanding focal point while sumptuous layers of padding ensure a comfortable recline. 

The Soho side table is a practical and elegant piece designed to complement a number of the beds in our range. The lacquered surface and leather padded drawer enhance the richness of the design while the cream coloured panel contrasts beautifully with the dark lacquered wood. 

This chic table lamp features an ornate clear crystal base & oyster pearl French drum shade with gold interior. Contrasting beautifully with the Soho console, this piece ties together the arrangement beautifully with its crisp pearl  shade. 

This elegant oval shaped vase is fashioned from thick glass with controlled bubbles for a soft and endearing design visual. Beautiful when filled with a handful of wild flowers or brightly coloured tulips as shown above. 

Happy Mother's Day!





The Origins of the Chesterfield

A living room legend; signifying heritage, fine craftsmanship and quintessential British-ness; the Chesterfield has remained one of the celebrated icons of the furniture world since the early 1800s.

Our Club Chesterfield in classic brown leather

Our Club Chesterfield in classic brown leather

A firm fixture in every English gentleman’s country manor house and the gold standard in quality handcraftsmanship, the Chesterfield has served as the basis for many a curvaceous, deep buttoned and lavishly detailed designer sofa. It is said that one can’t reinvent the wheel, however the Chesterfield has provided furniture designers with ample opportunity to refashion it in all manner of charismatic and opulent furniture pieces.

Green piece

Green piece

Bespoke Club Chesterfield

Bespoke Club Chesterfield

So where did it all begin?

There is much speculation as to the specific origin of the classic Chesterfield sofa, however we err on the side of whimsy and favour the legend of certain Lord Phillip Stanhope; aka The Earl of Chesterfield, who commissioned the earliest Chesterfield settee with its signature deep buttoning and low seat base.

Deep buttoning craftsmanship in motion at the S&C workshop 

Deep buttoning craftsmanship in motion at the S&C workshop 

It is rumoured that the distinguished Earl was quite the trendsetter, and enlisted the help of a local craftsman to produce a new item of furniture that would enable the gentlemen of the era to sit comfortably in an upright position, without creasing his garments.

Thus the unmistakable rolled arms, fixed back and rich deep buttoning of the Chesterfield was unveiled to the world, and many an afternoon was whiled in repose upon its refined seat; whisky in hand, cigar in mouth and tally-ho’s a plenty old chap. That sort of thing.

The stuff of legends; turned wooden legs and stud detailing

The stuff of legends; turned wooden legs and stud detailing

The unmistakably Chesterfield scrolled arms 

The unmistakably Chesterfield scrolled arms 

And the legend doesn’t end there, it is alleged that on this day, March 24th in 1773 when the esteemed nobleman passed away he used his last words to request that his servant "Give Mr. Dayrolles a chair". The servant took Lord Stanhope’s word quite literally, and insisted that the young diplomat Mr. Dayrolles take the iconic Chesterfield armchair home with him. And so he did.

Upon hauling it home Mr. Dayrolles was overcome with admiration for the masterful detailing and timeless design of the piece; leading to his inevitably commissioning similar chairs. And so it is that the Earl’s chair remains a masterpiece to this day.

Large Chesterfield in velvet

Large Chesterfield in velvet

Taking their lead from the ageless inspiration of the piece, our skilled designers incorporated a fair few touches of Chesterfield charm into our lavish new season collection:

Happy Chesterfield day!

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